Quiet Healthy Living Near South Mountain in Phoenix, Arizona

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Quiet Healthy Living Near South Mountain in Phoenix, Arizona

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Greetings. We are nearly 2 years owning a home on an acre near South Mountain (closest main cross streets are 24th St and Baseline) in Phoenix, AZ. We are continually adding landscape and upgrades to the property to make it more and more beautiful. We live a very natural peaceful life and hope to find someone who fits that life style and needs a place to park their tiny home. We can offer quiet secluded Tiny Home spot in back of property with gorgeous mountain view, off street safe parking in front of house, sewer, water, electric, trash, WiFi, and pool. Close to shops, trails, restaurants, and more. We are looking for someone who is communicative, honest, kind, quiet, ok with chickens and our Standard Poodle (Magoo). Someone who already is or is willing to only use natural cleaners (no windex, bleach, synthetic scented products including laundry detergent...), doesn't smoke, doesn't use Synthetic Fragranced body products, candles, air fresheners...(essential oils are good). If you feel we would make a good fit and are looking for a beautiful place to stay in Phoenix AZ please connect with us. The current RV in picture will not be there when you come. Price depends on needs and length of stay. Please inquire.
Blessings~ Daniele, Luis (Partners) and Jonah & Julian (Daniele's 19 and 16 year old).

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Quiet Healthy Living Near South Mountain in Phoenix, Arizona 0 reviews

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