High Desert Off Grid

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High Desert Off Grid

At 6,400 feet this Kennedy Meadows 5 acre parcel offers several spots with fair privacy and four season climate. Undeveloped parcel provides no septic, water well or other utilities except local telephone company has installed a landline connection for telephone and DSL, so WIFI could be available. Well Water is available from neighbors and the general store's well two miles away. Trash dumpster is next to the Fire Station 200 yards down the paved and plowed road in front. Small 700 Watt Solar array could be enlarged. South fork of the Kern river is close by. Ridgecrest is 50 miles away for nearest super markets, shops, and medical facilities. I live in RV there when I can. I use propane for cooking and refrigeration. Clear dark night sky good for star gazing and telescopes. Open range so cows and coyotes may came walking through. Pets, chickens, and goats possible.

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